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Bible Art

"God's Faithfulness"


This artwork is called “God’s Faithfulness,” and it took me about eight hundred hours to finish. The message depicted is the faithfulness of God to preserve His saints. Even if all the powers of evil were to be unleashed against believers, nothing could ever separate us from His love (and certainly, therefore, nothing could ever take away our salvation).


The top half of the drawing represents verse 35 of Romans 8 and each example of hardship Paul gives. He asks, “Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword (separate us from His love)?” Paul uses these words to portray every possible scenario that the saints could go through which could be said to be so difficult to bear that it could make them stumble in the faith, even as to be separated from the love of Christ. He also uses these words to portray the consecutive events that he would experience in his own life—going from bad, to worse, to the worst-case scenario—from tribulation to martyrdom. He says these things to emphasize that nothing, and absolutely nothing, could separate us from the love of Christ.


Verses 36-39 are represented in the bottom half of the drawing. The protection that the saints are in (illustrated by the underground whole) pictures the faithfulness of God in keeping them in His love even as great persecution goes on around them. As the persecutors think they can destroy the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, the believers are hiding under them, safe in the arms of God, worshiping Him. They persevere and are held fast not by their own strength but by His. They will be saved in the end, not because they hold on to Him but because He holds on to them. Although believers are not promised complete safety from the suffering and persecution described in verse 35, the church will never be destroyed, and God will never cast any individual saint out of His love. Instead, He will strengthen, grow, comfort, encourage, sanctify, and continue to carry us through every path until He brings us home.


"The Lion & The Lamb"


This artwork is called “The Lion & the Lamb” and was inspired by the roles of Christ in His two comings. The Lord Jesus Christ first had to come as the Suffering Servant—as a Lamb to be slaughtered for the sins of His people under the wrath of His Father—in order that He could then come in glory, as the Lion of Judah, to rule and to conquer. 


Most "Christians" have gotten to know Jesus well according to His first coming. We have known Him as the friend and Savior of sinners. Yet unfortunately, there is a great ignorance of the glory and majesty that Christ possesses now and that He will possess in His second coming and for all eternity. There needs to be an emphasis and understanding in people's hearts that Jesus is the holy God of Scripture and that He is coming back to gather His saints, destroy all the wicked of the earth, and plant His earthly Kingdom where He will reign in righteousness and holiness. Meditating on such truths will enable believers to worship Him with the reverence He is due. 


The reason for drawing a lion and a lamb rather than a picture of Jesus is because Jesus is God, the second Person of the Trinity, and therefore no image of Him should ever be drawn, for that would be blasphemy and a breaking of the second commandment.

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